Top Rated & Best Immigration Lawyer in Toronto, ON

Are you looking for a top rated or perhaps one of the best immigration lawyers in Toronto, Ontario (ON)? It can be a hassle to pick a good immigration lawyer to represent you in the Canadian court or the immigration authorities. However, this post help you find the best immigration lawyer Toronto or an immigration law firm while you are looking to hire a competent lawyer.

1. Identify if your lawyer is registered

Please refer to this page for more information on identifying that the immigration lawyer who is claiming to be the best is actually a member of the law society.

2. Ask for the lawyer’s experience level

A lot of the lawyers just finish their schooling, get their bar and start working on their own. But, that can be very bad for you if your case is complicated because you will need competent and experienced Canada immigration lawyer to represent you. Without hiring an experienced lawyer your case might get caught up in a limbo.

3. Ask for references of their previous client cases

A lawyer is not obligated to share their clients information with other clients as it breaches the attorney-client or lawyer-client confidentiality agreement. However, with prior written and verbal consent from his client, that lawyer can share part of their previous cases which can help you in determining if the lawyer is competent or not.

4. Ask for their previous client testimonials

Ask the immigration lawyer if they have client testimonials to back up their claim. A lot of lawyers will not be able to provide you that but you can do your due diligence and research on the internet or other referring sources for their testimonials. You can know a lot about a lawyer from their client testimonials. But don’t be fazed by the testimonials only, make sure to do your research.

Follow the 4 tips we have outlined to find a top rated immigration lawyer in Toronto, ON or the best immigration lawyer in Toronto, ON.