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Nunavut Legislation

The Nunavut Act, S.C. 1993, c.28 as amended brought Nunavut into being on April 1, 1999 (s.3) and provided, at s.29, that the ordinances of the Northwest Territories and "the laws made under them effective March 31, 1999, will be duplicated for Nunavut."

To accommodate modifications of N.W.T. law which were required to be in force April 1, 1999, ss. 29 and 76.05 of the Nunavut Act were amended to allow the Legislative Assembly of the Northwest Territories to pass certain kinds of legislation on Nunavut's behalf.  These powers were exercised in packages of "Division Legislation" which received Royal Assent December 9th, 1998  (6th Session of the 13th Legislative Assembly) and March 29th, 1999 (7th Session of the 13th Legislative Assembly).

After April 1, 1999, only legislative amendments made by the Nunavut Legislative Assembly apply to legislation inherited from the N.W.T. Amendments to NWT legislation after April 1, 1999 DO NOT APPLY to Nunavut except where specifically indicated.

Citing Nunavut Legislation

Nunavut Land Claims Agreement
Nunavut Bills
(available on the Legislative Assembly web site until passage of 3d reading)

Nunavut Legislation
(maintained by the GN Department of Justice, Legislation Division)


Nunavut legislation is publicly available through the above link to the Department of Justice, Legislation Division website. The content of this site includes:

  • all Acts made in Nunavut, in English, French and Inuktitut
  • the Nunavut Gazette, in English and French
  • numerous reference tables to assist users in finding relevant material
  • consolidations of Nunavut Acts and regulations, in English, French and Inuktitut

All general information on the DoJ website is in Innuinaqtun, Inuktitut, French and English. Other material, such as Acts and regulations, is included on the website to the extent that material is available in the particular language. For instance, all Acts made in Nunavut since April 1, 1999 are in Inuktitut as well as English and French.

Acts on this site can be located either through the use of the Current Consolidated Statutes and Regulations link or by using the Search function on the website.

Assistance in locating information from this site can be obtained either by contacting the Nunavut Courts Law Library or the

Legislative Assembly Library


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