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Agency  Status Description Needs General Email Phone Fax Mailing Address Location / Building
Aqsarniit Ilinniarvik government provide quality education that is inclusive and culturally-relevant for Iqaluit youth aged 11-13 volunteers to work with small groups on specific projects, sewing, carpentry and cooking supplies 867.979.3900 867.979.3399 Box 2350 "Middle School"
Aqsarniit Ilinniarvik School Counsellor government School Counsellor Rosie Kopalie     867.979.3900 867.979.3399 Box 2350 "Middle School"
Baffin Regional Agvvik Society regional charity activities to eliminate / alleviate violence against women and their dependent children.  operate 21-bed Qumaavik Transition House and Iqaluit victim services.  society operates different programs that further our mandate as funding sources allow volunteers - drivers, for social integration activities. 867.979.4566 (office) 867.979.4500 (crisis) 867.979.0328 Box 237  
Baffin Regional Agvvik Society regional charity Iqaluit victim services - provide services to victims of crime and potential victims of crime  volunteer facilitators, funding 867.979.4566 867.979.0328 Box 237  
City of Iqaluit municipal government municipal services; land administration; local bylaw enforcement; recreational programs volunteers for council committees 867.979.5600 867.979.5922 Box 460 Fire Hall / Old Arena
City of Iqaluit, Recreation and Community Services municipal government recreation donations, volunteers, resources 867.979.5620 867.979.3712 Box 460 Makkuttukkuvik New Arena
Department of Health & Social Services / Family Services government of Nunavut Child Protection Services.  Family Support Services     867.975.4850 867.488 Box 1000 Stn 1029 Grinell Place
Department of Justice federal government responsible for prosecuting criminal offences in Nunavut - staff includes victim witness assistants who meet with victims / witnesses and provde support & referral information 867.975.4600 867.975.4606 Box 1030 Government of Canada Building
Department of Justice: Community Corrections - Probation government of Nunavut probation services for youth and adults 867.975.7929 867.975.6347 Box 1000 Stn 580 1107 Sivumut
Department of Justice: Community Justice Division government of Nunavut Victims Assistance Co-ordinator     867.975.6315  867.975.6354 867.975.6347 Box 1000 Stn 580  
Iqaluit Housing Authority government-funded agency supply & maintenance of public housing, for low & fixed income persons in Iqaluit.  (Property managers for Nunavut Housing Corp) housing 867.979.5301 867.979.4349 Box 340 Building 741
Iqaluit RCMP detachment federal government provide police services 867.975.4464 (Cst. David Aglukark) OR 867.979.1111 867.975.4454 Box 1570 RCMP Detachment
Iqaluit Youth Justice Committee non-profit work with youth referred through alternative measures using restorative justice approach; work with RCMP, Crown and Court volunteers to provide community service placemens and to supervise work hours and committments 867.979.6510   Box 809 House 806
National Anti-Poverty Organization (NAPO) non-profit lobbying Ottawa on behalf of poverty issues information Gordon Barnes  867.979.1434 (H) 867.979.0053 (W)   Box 1013  
Oqota Emergency Shelter non-profit provides a warm, safe place for up to 14 individuals to sleep overnight funding, funding, more space to carry out programs 867.979.0053 867.979.0053 Box 909 Building 154
Pulaarvik Mental Health Day Program government drop-in for mentally-ill adults; working towards more programs to facilitate membership needs get members to go out and do small volunteer work as part of their activities 867.979.3106 867.979.2396 or 867.979.7689 Box 1000 Stn 1035 Building 534
Tukisiniarvik Centre non-profit community referral centre / advice bureau; part of City's Continuum of Care Project donations, volunteers, furniture, informational materials from all helping agencies 867.979.1578 867.979.6575 Box 475  
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