Change of Name

To apply for a change of name you must supply the following materials:

Completed application form
  1. If the Applicant is 19 years of age or older OR if the Applicant is under 19 and married, the Applicant must complete the form on his or her own behalf  using FORM 1.  Each applicant has to complete a separate form.

  2. If the Applicant is under 19 and unmarried, a parent should apply on his or her behalf using FORM 2.  If there are several children who have the same parents and who reside at the same address, an Appendix (FORM 3) may be attached to Form 2.  If any of the children have different parents or reside at different addresses, then separate forms (Form 2) must be used for each of these children.

Birth Certificate or a Baptismal Certificate

Two pieces of identification or someone who has known the Applicant for a long time.

Consent Form(s)

  1. Who must provide consent to the change of an adult's name?

An applicant who is married and who has not lived separate and apart from his or her spouse for more than one year must:


  1. Obtain consent from the other spouse OR


  1. Give notice of the application to the other spouse.


  1. Who must provide consent to the change of a child's name?

  1. If the child is 12 years or older, the child must give his or her consent.  

  2. Both parents of the child must provide consent unless:

  1. One parent does not have custody or share custody of the child and is not contributing to the support of the child, OR


  1. One parent does not have custody or share custody of the child and has severed his or her relationship with the child.

  1. If the parent has a spouse who is not a parent of the child and the change includes the name of the spouse, the spouse must provide consent.


When consent cannot be obtained, a reason should be specified.

Forms can be downloaded from this site in Microsoft Word or PDF format, or you can phone the court to request copies of the forms (867) 975-6100.

Adult Applicant  - Form 1

Child Applicant - Form 2

Child Applicant Appendix - Form 3

Consent form

A copy of the Change of Name Act may be downloaded from this site in PDF format.  You can also download a copy of the summary of the Change of Name Act in English or Inuktitut in Microsoft Word format.  Please note the Inuktitut summary was prepared using Prosyl.ttf - if this font is not installed on your computer, you will need to download it and install it before viewing this file.

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