Appeal Service

Filing an appeal

Who can appeal?

You may have a right to appeal a legal aid decision if you:

  • have been refused a certificate due to financial or legal eligibility
  • disagree with the terms of a contribution agreement
  • object to the cancellation of a legal aid certificate
  • disagree with the decision of an area committee*

Please note: Non-resident applicants receive final decisions, and cannot appeal.

The appeals process

After applying for legal aid, you will receive a written notice with the decision within two weeks. There are three possibilities:

  1. Your application is accepted, and you receive a certificate.
  2. Your application is accepted, but you only receive a certificate if you agree to the terms of a contribution agreement.
  3. Your application is refused. In this case, the right to appeal, if one exists, is stated on the refusal notice, with information about where to send your appeal.